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D-D Dual Heating & cooling controller


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Double mains power socket – one power socket for heater control and the other for fan/chiller control.
Display with temperature sensor – used to set and display temperature and alarms and measure temperature.
The plastic coated temperature sensor is waterproof and suitable for use in a marine aquarium.

Plug and play - no wiring required.
Heating/cooling can be set to within 0.3 deg C of target temperature e.g. Control Range of 24.7 - 25.3 deg C (with set temp of 25 deg C).
Audible and Visual Alarm Function e.g alarm sounds if temp below 24 deg C or above 26 deg C (with alarm set to 1 deg C).
2m long plastic coated temperature sensor with mounting suction cup.
Heating Control (resistive load, such as heater) max 1600W.
Cooling Control (inductive load, such as a chiller) max 600W.
Display: Back lit blue LCD – permanently lit.
Power off memory function
Makes an ideal control platform for our D-D Titanium aquarium heater

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