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Fauna Marin-Min s (250ml)


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Min S - coral food for SPS & LPS


Min S - best coral food for SPS & LPS corals from Fauna Marin


Min S is our liquid coral base feed, which can be given as a first feed for all corals. With the basic dosage of MIN S, the corals are equipped to receive additional feed and can thus be fed much more effectively.


Achieve healthy growth, rich colors and exceptional fluorescence by feeding your corals with our liquid feed Min S.



The unique combination of natural feed particles, marine biopolymers and organic nutrients provides the animals with exactly what they need in their natural environment


  • natural feed concentrate made from high quality raw materials
  • perfect balance of particles and solids combined with amino acids, vitamins and trace elements
  • ideal for nutrient-poor reef systems
  • suitable for all corals
  • very effective, because highly concentrated
  • extreme polyp expansion and growth



Dosage :

  • from 0.5ml / 250 liters every 2 days
  • Ingredients: plankton, plankton extracts, trace elements
  • Durable up to 2 years after production date (see imprint). Store in a cool and dark area.



Safety note:
Keep the product away from children. Do not use for food-producing animals. Do not inhale, do not swallow.

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