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Reef Factory Reef flare Bar 90 cm


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Reef flare Bars is a series of modern LED bar lamps. They were designed specifically to highlight the color of the corals. They are strong, great mixing colours and covering aquarium areas. The control system, SMART functions, simple set up procedure and minimalist design ensure that Reef flare Bars lamps are a great choice for any aquaristic. Certainly, they make an interesting addition to any aquarist’s set-up.

iOS and Android
The lamps can be controlled via a Smart reef mobile app, web browser or website.
No additional modules are required to control the lamps or to connect them to the Smart Reef system. The lamps are equipped with a Wi-Fi module which makes it possible to connect them to your home router.

Reef flare bar M (90 cm)

410 nm 3 pcs
430 nm 8 pcs
450 nm 2 pcs
460 nm 5 pcs
470 nm 2 pcs
480 nm 4 pcs
Total 24 LEDS
Lamp power 45W
Lamp length 90 cm
Smart reef management (all channels together)

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Βάρος 3 kg
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