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The new Teco Tank TK 150 Aquarium Chiller has been completely redesigned, and is unlike any of the older models.

The shape remains parallelepipedal, but is totally open! Its base measures only 21×36 cm, and it is 31 cm tall. The underlying frame system also works as a cooling coil for the refrigerating gas, and is aided by a posterior fan, just like the older models.
Inside the structure, we can see the compressor. The convective hot air movement and the fan help dissipate the coil’s heat, which, for construction reasons, doesn’t need an air filter.

This new system is patented, and Teco named it Teco Body – Condenser System.

The in/out water pipes are positioned at the top and bottom of the unit, and they have a 12 mm diameter (1/2″), smaller than the larger-sized chillers’ 3/4″ pipes.

To fasten the tubes to the pipe joints, two cable ties are included. They are a bit hard to use, but they definitely secure the tubes, guaranteeing a completely watertight seal.

The red liquid crystal display has been enormously improved, in comparison to the previous models, it’s a shame we cannot appreciate it in the picture above (it’s off).

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Βάρος 12 kg
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