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The Reef rock are natural, 100% aragonite rocks collected in Oceania. Perfect as a base for reef and ocean aquarium decor, they are just as colonizable as wet, live rock.

The Reef rock® can be drilled and stuck together with quick-drying cement to bring together the décor and create different porous structures like pillars, arches, overhangs, caves, and more.

If you can’t obtain a live rock to seed your dry rocks, you’ll need to add bacteria kits in quantities appropriate to the volume of your aquarium, several days after you’ve put the rocks in your aquarium water.

Two weeks after that, you can add a layer of coralline algae (such as Peyssonnelia, Mastophora, or Lithothamnion) and a microfauna kit, or a handful of algae obtained from a sanctuary, to provide your aquarium with multiple microscopic detritivorous species that will colonize the pores of the rock.

6 to 8 weeks after this seeding, once the algae has begun to colonize the rocks, you can add the first detritivores, making sure to test the water parameters so that you can be sure the environment is perfectly healthy for their survival. Afterward, other detritivores, corals, and fish can progressively be added.

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