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Tropic marin np balance 500ml


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Tropic Marin NP-Bacto-Balance is a mixture of selected organic compounds to promote the incorporation of nitrate and phosphate in supplementary biomass. The ratio of nutrients is ideal for corals, sponges and other invertebrate animals found in reef aquariums when nitrates and phosphates are maintained at the lowest possible levels while maintaining the important balance between these key nutrients. With its balanced composition of carefully selected organic and inorganic nutrients, Tropic Marin NP-Bacto-Balance acts to increase the incorporation of nitrates and phosphates in additional biomass, reducing nitrate and phosphate concentrations in the water while improving coloration and growth of corals, sponges and other filter feeders. In this way, a nitrate and phosphate deficiency in the aquarium is prevented while at the same time the balance between the compounds is improved.

Nitrates and phosphates are stabilized at the lowest possible levels, especially effective when Tropic Marin NP-Bacto-Balance is applied together with Tropic Marin NP-Bacto-Pellets or NP-Bacto-Tricks.

Tropic Marin NP-Bacto-Balance
+ promotes the incorporation of nitrate and phosphate in supplementary biomass
+ subsequent lowering of nitrate and phosphate content of water
+ improves the coloration and growth of corals, sponges and other filter feeders
+ prevents situations of nutrient deficiency
+ creates an optimal nitrate-phosphate balance
+ suitable for aquariums of all ages
+ mature tanks can be significantly resuscitated, developing a new vitality
+ easy to apply – suitable both for manual dosing and for dosing pumps

Use aof Tropic Marin NP-Bacto-Balance:
Dosing depends on the age of the aquarium:
In the case of new and young tanks (0-1 years old*) no more than 0.25 ml per 100 l/25 US-Gal. tank content should be added per day. In tanks of a medium age (1-2 years old*) up to 0.5 ml per 100 l/25 US-Gal. can be dosed per day, whilst mature tanks (>2 years old*) can receive from 0.5 to 1 ml for 100 l/25 US-Gal. aquarium water per day. A dosage of 1 ml per 100 l/25 US-Gal. tank content per day should not be exceeded under any circumstances.

In order to enhance the effect of Tropic Marin NP-Bacto-Balance, however, the dosage may be increased every 2 weeks by 0.25 ml per 100 liters/25 US-Gal. of aquarium water daily, in no case more than the maximum daily dose of 1 ml each 100 l/25 US-Gal. of aquarium system water volume. For best results, add Tropic Marin NP-Bacto-Balance to a high water flow area in the tank at the beginning of the lighting cycle. Attention: A dosage of 1 ml each 100 l/25 US-Gal. of aquarium system water volume must not be exceeded. If a clouding of the tank is observed after the elevation of the dosage of Tropic Marin NP-Bacto-Balance, the dosage should be reduced to the previous level.

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